Tuesday, November 30, 2010

13 Steps to become model

Then we will clarify many questions about modeling and how to become an integrated model, today many people have the belief that being a model is to have a smooth face and a good figure, in part this is false, and if we would be filled top models. We present 13 tips to keep in mind and wish you luck in your modeling career:

1. Food is essential to take care of and this is not based diets or eating nothing but eating balanced, the body needs all food groups, is very risky to exclude anyone because a model requires good health to withstand the some work and can not see these haggard but always healthy.

2. Having healthy skin is essential for a professional model or beginner, you can not expect everything to be arranged with makeup or Photoshop. A bad skin or imperfections may delay or hinder your career as a model. A dermatologist is where you first have to go and do not forget to attend at least once a month at a spa to help keep it thriving.

3. Exercise is essential for a model because it allows you to maintain the physical condition required in the middle. In this area men are the most fail because most do not have a harmonious body and generate the popular comic figure of Johnny Bravo. A male model must develop not only arms, chest and abdomen. Back, buttocks, legs and calves are essential to be proportional to the rest of the figure.

4. Self-confidence is the key to success as a model, you will always see someone you have something physical either intellectual or personality that you are jealous, but if you spend envying others and do not trust your whole set no one will believe in you as a model. If you have trust issues seeking professional advice on modeling schools or go to self help books, how important is that you believe in yourself.

5.'s Charisma is the most powerful weapon for a model, a good smile and a good attitude can conquer clients, designers, journalists and anyone who is in his way. The fact that your success does not mean you should lose your simplicity and kindness, remember that as you climb down and kept it with good energy will open doors. Public relations are crucial.

6. Innova, never appears on the catwalk or posing in a photograph in the same way, practice before a parade or a meeting, do not think that doing what you've always worked will continue to do, people get tired of the same. This also implies renewing your image, always give something fresh to keep you still in force. 7. Know yourself, you must know what your strengths and weaknesses, so that when doing a photographic work you can tell the photographer that you favor and which angles or not it poses do not feel safe, so that between them can make the most of the session and come out shining in the pictures.

8. Do not leave anything to chance, find out all work that is required, never take anything for granted, it is equally frank about allergies, phobias, taking medication, effects of these and other things that can make the shoot or gateway may fail.

9. Punctuality, this is the key to both impress and to demonstrate your professionalism and seriousness ... it's better to arrive early for an appointment to be late because a delay may involve mostly extras and the organizers are going to have to deal with a hostile environment.

10. Getting ready before going to a job or a casting of models should be waxing or shaving if necessary, the skin must be healthy, which means that cleaning should have been done on this, which can not be made a day before since this is resentful. No late nights should not wear clothing or objects that leave marks on the skin as they may affect the work to be done. Also, do not get a different look to go to the original casting, that kind of do not like surprises.

11. Goodattitude is essential, nobody likes to work with someone complaining about this all or have delusions of star. Modeling is not easy and most times is challenging, being a model is not easy and requires many sacrifices and hardships. In a photo shoot or a runway is being done to indicate the person responsible for this, a model can suggest things but not impose.

12. Always be professional, this indicates that there is no small job, a gateway is a gateway either in a school district or at the fashion week in Milan, this happens also for pictures of models . All work must be done with height also more mediocre work can become a springboard to do great work, knowing that every opportunity is seized.

13. Respect yourself and earn respect, many models come with tactics such as seduction and sex to secure contracts, this works in the short term but then are identified and become dependent on this measure and no one took them seriously.

Many of the desire to get quick money fall on proposals such as the work of prepayment, the sex cam, wet t-shirt events among many others and that all it does is denigrarte as a person and medium to long term can lead to problems that are not solved with money. Also come to accept jobs that do not pay them fair.

Remember that these steps together to have a good book and prepare a good modeling academy will help you be a successful model.

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