Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arabic Makeup Application - Step by step

The beauty of women in the Middle East is impressive and this is due to the detailed care makeup on their faces and we're talking more accurately the makeup Arabic . This makeup is based on Arab women, women in nature and exotic beauty has large and beautiful almond eyes.

They use various shades of makeup and elaborate shadows to highlight them, turning their work into a true work of art in their own cultures all about women with style . This look is somewhat more laborious, but with practice and patience is not so hard to achieve. What is really important is having the right tools to get a good finish.

A good recommendation is to investigate about the makeup you're using and you do have allergic reactions, looking for information on everything related to internet medicine and women's health , because prevention is cure.

To create this look, you'll need these materials:


-Base of makeup stick (paint stick)

-Loose Powder

Yellow Shade

Deep blue Shade

Mauve Shade

White Shade


Rimmel black-

"False eyelashes and glue (optional)

Tan "Blush

Mauve-pink Profiler

-Gloss transparent

-Brushes and sponges for applying products

Makeup Application:

1. First it begins to cover dark circles and imperfections. I've done with your fingers to blend well.

2. Apply the base in the face with a brush and then put a layer of loose powder with puff na to kill glare.

3. Now with the same fringe keeps putting loose powder under the eyes to spot, a thicker layer as using shades of various colors.

4. And now begins with the yellow shade. Put from the tear to the center of the eyelid, at the top and bottom. Do not exceed the eye socket.

5. Where have you done with the yellow, begins with the intense blue. Do not leave much of the natural shape of your eyelid. Shade also put under the lower eyelid.

6. Blurs toward the blue to yellow. Surely after the yellow has to go over to give you the strength you can lose now. (Remember, go yellow if you have been very off)

7. Then the blue, mauve shade used. Surround it outwardly.

8. Blend blue to mauve unions are not so obvious.

9. For the inner corner and brow bone, use white shadow.

10. Outlines the inside with black pencil, above and below.

11. Remove the layer of powder under your eyes.

12. In this look I used false eyelashes and now it's time to glue colocarlas.Usa quality unless you want to peel off at any time. If you use glue dark, you're not white areas.

13. Take them with pliers and put a thin strip of glue at the root of the tab and let it dry a few seconds. Drop them gently on the center of your lid at the root of your lashes and then, pressing the clamps you back.

14. Curl your lashes with the falsies and apply black mascara. With a blush brush, apply a tan layer.

15. And to go running, outlining your lips with pencil mauve pink and cover completely.

16. With transparent gloss on the profiler, you're done your makeup. Now, look the beauty of a woman with style !.

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