Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emma Watson, cover 'Marie Claire'

Emma Watson one of the highest paid young actresses in , shows his skill posing in the December edition of the magazine 'Marie Claire'.

The of Harry Potter has just turned 20, spoke for the first time in the interview about her wealth, her new haircut and his life in college.

The young woman explains how she felt when she found out that had 23 million euros and had become a young millionaire. "I was very impressed to know the amount. I had no idea. "

As for her makeover, Emma explains: "I wanted to cut me since I was 16 years. When Harry Potter ending in June, just needed a change. It was very symbolic to me. "

Regarding the university, the admits that leads a quiet and safe. "Brown is a university that has a real sense of community. People are very protective of me in my birthday party could do whatever he wanted without anyone intimidate me, nor even publish the photos on Facebook. That's when I realized I had actually found a real group of friends. "

These are photos of the meeting to Marie Claire.

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