Friday, November 26, 2010

Makeup tips for mature women

Consejos de maquillaje para mujeres maduras Something that we definitely see ourselves beautiful women is despite the passage of time, although this leads to which we must adapt according to our age, and get the care necessary to preserve our beauty.

To that end we'll see below a few tips to consider for those mature women who want to look sexy and attractive to achieve their goals.

Due to various factors, including menopause, the skin begins to weaken, sometimes even becomes dry and starts to be weak due to lack of collagen and elastin.

To counter these details visually is that we consider for example the use of lipstick with lighter shades, use only mascara on top lashes, eyeliner color brown, dark blue avoiding everything black.

We can also advise the use of nail polish in pink or nude color, move the powder blush textures in cream or gel, and of course soft hair with movement, leaving aside the old style forms.

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