Monday, November 15, 2010

Michaela Wallace wants to be the girlfriend of Justin Bieber

Lately there are many potential romances that have been related to teen idol Justin Bieber, but maybe there is all you can really get to win. We refer to , a young of fourteen who is triunfanfo on YouTube with his single "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend", which has already accumulated nearly half a million hits on Youtube.

In the song dedicated to the Canadian Michaela account how much he admires and the dream of one day becoming his girlfriend, like many of the in love with Justin. Internet video has reached the 400,000 visitors and the song is at number 32 on iTunes.

Michaela was very surprised by the success, he said. "I'm very excited. I can not believe that everything happened so fast, I've always dreamed about it and now part of my dreams have come true. " At the concert he attended in Nashville, the young was backstage at Bieber playing with an Xbox videogame Kinect: "It was amazing! It really was a night I will never forget. "As for his future as a , has no plans yet, but expect as much illusion contact with Bieber and power equipment as well, writing songs and even record an album, who knows where it can arrive.

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