Monday, November 22, 2010

Tips for decorating small rooms


Decorating small spaces is not very simple, an excess of ornaments can make them seem very small and tiny, while the lack thereof, can make them look as bland and boring.

Finding the balance and the best middle ground is key, some decorations, a couple of pictures that are not too large, and a plant that provides color and its natural touch is more than enough. This allows us to create a cozy room but at the same time not be intimidating.

At the same time the best we can do with a small room, is painted a light color, white for excellence that enhances the natural light rays entering through the windows. In this way look very bright and appear much larger to the naked eye. Recall that in decor recreate the visual effect is essential.

On the other hand we must also use light-toned furniture, not compete with the other colors in the room and not give the impression that stand out and highlight the rest of the space.

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