Friday, December 31, 2010

9 share Supermodels Beauty Secrets

On a tour of several interviews, we collected the best evidence of the beauty of top models and professional models international. Consider these tips.

1. Heidi Klum:

After each delivery, the German model ensures that only the exercises helped her regain her figure. Three hours of a strict routine with a personal trainer, plus a diet low in carbohydrates such as bread and rice and vegetables and protein rich, helped to look amazing in the past Victoria's Secret.

2. Liz Hurley

For this British model and actress most important to be nice is to keep skin moist. She says the trick is finding the best moisturizer for every skin type and always drink lots of water.

3. Cindy Crawford:

According to this icon of 90's modeling, the most important thing to look beautiful has nothing to do with beauty products, but with a positive attitude, where no negative affect or worry, I had very cunt when the castings of models . However, he believes that if there is any aspect of the body that we do not like and another that yes, we must promote the good for all the attention is focused there.

4. Gisele Bundchen:

The statuesque Brazilian model thinks a lot like Cindy Crawford. Assured when one is happy it shows in the face. Her beauty tip is to smile and enjoy life.

5. Christy Turlington:

For this elegant model and new face of Prada, be at peace with itself helping to look good. Points out that yoga relaxes and helps to forget the little things that worry you.

6. Lorena Valenzuela

For this experienced and spectacular Chilean model home is the best recipe to be happy, there is a better, more shiny and renewed, as is reflected in the photos of models in magazines and advertisements says Lorraine. It also gives tips for the rouge last hours, it is best to paint the lips and then dry with a paper towel to burnish. Then you have to get a little face powder in the mouth and repainted.

7. Carolina de Moras:

A good skin cleansing, rosewater and creams that are rich in vitamin C, are routines that are not lacking in the life of Carolina, but when you have the tired body takes a bath with sea salt and rose scents. This is complemented by a scrub of L'Occitane verbena, which is ideal to de-stress the skin.

8. Erika Niklitschek:

The recipe for homemade beauty when it wakes up with puffy eyes is to soak five minutes a tea bag in boiling water. When the water is warm, dip two cotton petals and apply. Once cooled, the procedure is repeated three times. After a while the eyes are rested, that I learned in modeling school there in his native Chile.

9. Renata Ruiz

To the winner of Elite Model Look, the calve is not to stress!. She said the dead skin and stress makes you overeat. When anxious, he leaves his house and used if anxiety in a positive way, such as exercising.


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