Friday, December 24, 2010

Clothes to hide wide hips

Ropa para disimular caderas anchas Even the models and those seemingly perfect women we see in magazines and on television, are complex. Yes! Believe it or not it is true, if we had occasion to speak more than one, I promise that I would be amazed.

But for those who are not so popular, sometimes complex and beyond us as we try to solve them and get to work for it, I offer some tips to disguise a very common: wide hips.

This dilemma is compounded if you also have a low height.

As I say to you is strictly prohibited tube skirts and pants in light colors. It is preferable to take the slipper type, so fashionable this season, to take a set that will make you even more hip.

Rather dark colors, taking advantage of winter fashion in grays, browns and earth, you sit very well to mask.

Use items such as shirts or jackets above the hips, no prints or patterns that give a volume effect.

Of course, keep in mind that a good trick to hide an area that will not accentuate favors is another that you like, that is, if you have a good cleavage, then highlight it, or an oval face, then use bright accessories and a good makeup that looks to focus on your face and highlights the areas where you want your body grabs their attention.

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