Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How much love?

¿Cuánto cuesta el amor? Find that special someone implies a large expense, however there is no better investment than trying to find your kindred spirit.

Want to know how much money we spend Mexicans in love? Then the total is more than 222 million pesos a year, according to Parship Study on the cost of love in Mexico. PARSHIP is Europe's leading online agency in the search for relationships and serving in 14 countries, including Mexico.

The survey was conducted in single, separated, widowed, divorced or even couples, men and women, between 18 and 60 years living in Mexico.

In search of love

$ 10.633 pesos spent annually on average each person in efforts to find love, clothes, beauty treatments to feel more attractive outlets for meeting people, food, beverages and websites to find a mate.

Each year, Mexicans spend 25 to 34 years following on outputs and activities to meet people:

66% spend less than $ 10.000 pesos
21% invest between $ 10.000 and $ 20.000 pesos
11% allocated between $ 20.000 and $ 40.000 pesos
2% have more than $ 40.000 pesos

And every year, men spent more money than women:

$ 12.577 pesos spent by men
$ 8.441 pesos spent by women

First date, first impressions

The first appointment is a good time to impress the other person with a gift, a dinner by candlelight or a drink at a trendy bar. At the first appointment:

50% spend between $ 200 and $ 400 pesos
23% disbursed $ 400 to $ 600 pesos
7% spent more than $ 600 pesos

Also on the first date they spend more than they are:

$ 341 pesos spent by men
$ 315 pesos spent by women

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