Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to combat and treat swollen face

Rostro Hinchado The symptom is a swollen face visible and natural persons who suffer from insomnia or who do not rest and sleep well. It also tends to be very natural, when it takes a proper diet or are going through stressful situations.

Anyway, within hours tends to her face but when it is deflated and can be very annoying aesthetically. Here we propose some techniques to deal with those moments home where we face like the full moon.

Massage the face in a circular and vertical, from top to bottom or from chin to forehead to encourage and stimulate circulation, in this way retained fluids are drained more easily, and use a fresh product to enhance the effect massage.

On the other hand you can apply ice cubes on the eyelids and the contour of his face swollen puffy areas, but if you have some time, at least 30 minutes, you can apply a good base mud mask for 20 minutes minerals , which are perfect when congestion in the areas of the face that have retained too much fluid. A good alternative is to resort to mud, but be sure to try these tips that can help you and make your face again be seen as natural.

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