Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to everyone!

It is true that this year I have not spent much time on Christmas cards. In fact I almost passed that it is worth writing a post cards, while I tell you what I'll get that much and you are interested in a lot.

But as you do before 24, you are within the regulation time, here we go.
I'm not going to cheat, I will not dress party! And where I'll make so cold, I'm going to put this kit Philip Lim. Without any complications, and sueltito for the amount of sweets is not a problem:


And my message would be

I wish from the center puritito me:


Super happy holidays and best of all the best for 2011!

PEEEEEEEEEERO, that's not all! Taking advantage of some have done their homework to note and has real dedication on the subject, could not help but show you a video that Balamoda been prepared with the collaboration of a lot of fashion bloggers to congratulate Christmas.

Indeed ... I was also involved, because once a year I usually have my pop-star dot. And you see that ... START ME SOME!
Many thanks to Beth for such Curran, and everybody just add:


Big kiss!!

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