Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remedies to strengthen hair

Remedios para fortalecer el cabello In spring and summer is the time of year when more acute hair loss, and is therefore very timely to use these natural remedies. Strengthen your hair takes time, but if you're patient you'll appreciate the results.

Horsetail for its high content in minerals is a great boost from inside and out. The preparation obtained by boiling for ten minutes two tablespoons of horsetail in ¾ of a liter of water helps to keep hair in good condition. Filters prepared and take it along the day, the results are starting to show after a month.

The rosemary is invigorating the roots. Prepare a tea by adding 30 g of horsetail, rosemary 10 g and 10 g nettle over a glass of boiling water. After a few hours, filter and add a glass of rum. Enter the lotion in a spray container and spray the hair tonic to wash your hair after making a scalp massage.

On the other hand, foods rich in sulfur compounds contribute to the hair grow healthy and strong, since these substances are members of the keratin, the tissue that provides elasticity to the hair thickness and also to protect it from outside. To ensure their contribution, breakfast each day, yogurt with oatmeal and two or three times a week, accompanies the meat or fish from a vegetable of the cabbage family.

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