Monday, May 30, 2011

Tips to avoid temptation when we diet

Consejos para evitar las tentaciones cuando llevamos dieta The drawback of the temptations we have it all, much more so when we are conducting a food plan that must be strict, and would be good to become aware before eating food that is not in our diet.

We can try chewing gum or a sweet tasting acid that lead us to the temptation to divert elsewhere. A very good trick to avoid tempt is to go for a walk, brush our teeth or take a bath to get relax and thus not run for that we should not eat.

To relax, nothing beats a deep breath, because nerves are often triggers of abuse toward food, and unfortunately ruin a plan that we have been coping perfectly. Note that the calm will not last forever and if we fall into these situations to wipe the fridge when we're nervous, do not solve anything and instead we're gaining weight.

If those people who have seizures for sweet things, always keep on hand a light gel, reduced sugar to eat and not to buy sweets. You could also try a fruit salad, yogurt or light ice cream.

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