Sunday, November 27, 2011

A good breakfast keeps overweight

Un buen desayuno evita el sobrepeso Regardless of all the fad diets that abound there, never forget that, it is best to have a proper diet because it is the only way, not only to prevent overweight, health, too. If we do we will be physically and mentally one hundred percent.

To this end and as the main rule to follow is to make a good breakfast to start your day off, being the first meal of the day is the most important and one should not skip it or take a cup of coffee, after hours of sleep without no food intake is an urban legend about not eating because they are finished.

Leaving home with a single juice is a big mistake, because after about an hour, we will have burned all the energy and therefore yield less in all aspects. It is also shown that skipping breakfast is a greater risk to suffer from obesity, since the body is forced to conserve energy and therefore burn less fat and metabolism slows down and is on alert.

Therefore, a good breakfast can not miss carbohydrates such as bread, crackers and cereals. A piece of fruit or juice and homemade freshly squeezed if possible. They also can not miss the dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, etc.. If you have high cholesterol or are overweight, take fat varieties.

You can also choose proteins, such as a sandwich, but trying to be comprehensive, as to fill, replace the sausage fat is saturated, lighter alternatives such as ham, fresh turkey or cheese. If these alternatives do not like the sandwich or tuna can be sardines.

For breakfast you have to take a while, so nothing to get up to go to work running a cafe, must dedicate at least ten to fifteen minutes, and after that, start the day with enough energy with the batteries fully charged and everything so that the body does not store reserves and lead us to overweight.

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