Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good reasons to start running

Buenas razones para empezar a correr

Run to leave behind your problems, to release stress, to keep fit, to finding yourself, for what you want, but run!

After reading about all the benefits of this sport, we found that there are more reasons to practice, which excuses not to. The result? Loved it!

Then, as we inspire you to put the shoes you too, we interviewed the athlete's current top figure in Mexico: Juan Luis Barrios, gold medalist (5000 meters) at the 2011 Pan American Games, to tell you why you should join the club runners.

  • 1. It is a cheap sport
    Athletics is a sport of low investment. You do not need great team to practice as in other sports. You only have sports apparel, tennis, stopwatch, and-yes-all set to get up early to train.
  • 2. Time for you
    Training is really a gift for you, you are giving time to be alone, away from your problems and concerns. So, who trains regularly finds himself, with its limitations and abilities. That time certainly used to know you better.
  • 3. Free Sports injuries
    As the track is considered a low impact sport with a good warm-up, no physical problems in the joints or hip level, and could result in high impact sports. Also gives you strength without injuring yourself or atrofiarte muscles, as the weights.
  • 4. Bring out your competitive side
    Whether you're a professional or amateur level, run out your competitive side. This is because you will always find people who are at the same level as you, and you want to beat them, which undoubtedly will make you want to get the better of you, to give all your effort.
  • 5. Self-improvement
    In athletics all have goals, but these goals can only depend on yourself, nobody else. This gives you confidence knowing that no one else can help or sabotage more than yourself. At the same time, athletics helps you not give up, even when you're too cansado.Esto because when you're in the middle of a race, you know you have to finish it, you can not give up, so take out your inner strength and the finish. After transfers that you think inner strength to other aspects of your life, even when adversity, you're able to accomplish anything.

Whatever your motivation, the important thing is to break the inertia principle. Leave behind the excuses, get your tennis, and run!

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