Monday, December 26, 2011

Kristen Stewart prepares sabbatical

After the box office success of the series Twilight , the young actress Kristen Stewart has decided to take a sabbatical in the company of Robert Pattison and get away for a moment the tumult which meant shooting three films this year.

Kristen Stewart has decided to take a long vacation and relaxing with her ​​boyfriend, actor Robert Pattison, after both participate in the latest film in the Twilight saga. Both have decided to make a break until all the fever and fanaticism that idolizes, decrease over time.

Kristen Stewart's decision through the desire to focus on a new course of his career, which would be linked to the production of a film that deals with the marginalization of women living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The film opens in theaters next year noncommercial and will be headed by the mother of Kristen Stewart.

The young actress did not want to be pigeonholed into her character Bella, so decided to venture into other specialties from the film debut as a producer. As recalled, the second part of the film Dawn come to the big screen during the month of November 2012.

Recently, Kristen Stewart has been chosen by 'Vogue' as one of the best-dressed celebrities of 2011, which also included prominent personalities from the show as Emma Stone , Chloe Moretz , Kate Middleton , Blake Lively , Anne Hathaway.

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