Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Problems in the affair of Lady Gaga

Taylor Kinney , the current boyfriend of pop diva Lady Gaga , I would be unhappy with the singer's eccentric attitude. It appears that Kinney would be unhappy with the same behavior Gaga extravagant projects in their shows.

He wants a normal relationship. Lady Gaga faces a new problem in his relationship with Taylor Kinney, who apparently bothered by the attitude that keeps the singer on and off the show. Lady Gaga apparently maintain the same style and extravagant profile publicly that we know, creating problems in the relationship with the actor on the television series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

Taylor's order is clear, the 'Monster Monster' must change the style of controversy and debate that is projected in front of the cameras to show their natural and normal when living romantically with her ​​boyfriend.

Although not a warning, or risk ending the relationship, Lady Gaga would be willing to undergo change and show their "more human". According to Taylor, the queen of pop remains in the same conditions for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the midst of this discussion, the actor from 'The Vampire Diaries' has confessed she loves less superficial side of Lady Gaga, the true 'Stefani' from which he fell in love. As recalled, both characters have 6 months dating. At this point, both Gaga and Taylor have thought of the idea of living together.

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Take care of your diet to prevent sagging arms and legs

Cuida la alimentación para evitar la flacidez en piernas y brazos On more than one occasion we commented that the arms and legs are the most prone to sagging. However if we watch what we eat and care as well as doing some exercise is a great help to fight the flab.

If you are the type you put on a diet from time to time to lose those extra kilos, see that as you lose weight you move into flaccidity. The quick and drastic diets are right for the skin to lose density and tone as time passes.

Remember that as a birthday is made less collagen and elastin, and tensile fibers that give skin firmness. If you notice the inside of the arm and thigh relaxed is you have to make improvements in your diet.

The key is protein. Low-protein diets cause a progressive loss of skin elasticity. Ensure your presence is easy. Just try that at each main meal has at least one serving of dairy, meat, fish or eggs. So no dinner a green salad or a bowl of vegetables as is usual in these cases.

Keep in mind that the nutrients are essential. By intervening in the production of substances supportive of the skin, vitamin C and silicon, help keep the skin firmer. They can be found in citrus, tropical fruit, strawberries, squash, corn and grains.

On the other hand, do not forget to exercise your arms and legs turning. To define muscle in your arms, nothing better than exercise with small weights and for legs is well known squats and do any exercise in which the legs have to exert force.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Demi Lovato Denies treatment

Following the temporary withdrawal of the singer Demi Lovato your Twitter account, poured a lot of speculation about it. The representatives of the young star has denied any rumor related about an alleged relapse into rehab.

A few days ago Demi Lovato made ​​public his decision to leave means a temporary basis, similar to Ashton Kutcher for which he distanced himself from the publications via Twitter. After the announcement of Lovato, many media speculated the hypothesis of a relapse would lead back to the singer to spend some time in a rehabilitation center.

To dispel any suspicion, representatives of the Disney star have confirmed that Demi Lovato farewell social network has been unexpected and abrupt, but that does not mean you are suffering from a disease, much less a relapse.

According to the site Jus t Jared, press agents have considered Lovato is talking nonsense that has no rhyme or reason. The singer of 'Unbroken' is in perfect condition and the reasons for his departure obey more a matter of professional work.

As recalled, the former Disney Channel posted a tweet on Twitter confirming rest indefinitely, adding that this is the best choice for now. In confusing sentences, Demi Lovato said that through the social network has only managed to get in trouble. No more track, 5.6 million fans were disappointed after the loss in activity of the popular singer.

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Selena Gomez will be voluntary in Africa

The singer and actress, Selena Gomez would be about a journey to Africa, to move in April to work as a volunteer and making humanitarian work with UNICEF.

Selena Gomez never ceases to amaze, this time after announcing their interest to contribute humanitarian aid to thousands of hungry and need. The African country Democratic Republic of Congo would be the point of departure for the singer.

The current pair of Justin Bieber continues a step further with their level of ambassador for UNICEF, so much to gain experience and work with donations (also scheduled a visit to Ghana and Chile in April).

Once installed in Congo, Selena carry out the work to rebuild the country badly beaten by the war. It seems that his friend Joe Jonas have convinced the singer encouraged to bring a bit to those most dependent on us.

In his time as ambassador, the actress has not stopped Disney to plan charitable events for the African continent. For example, the benefits collected in 'The House of Blues' were directly sent to a children's organization. For 2009 the scheme was repeated with a great show at 'Raise Hope for the Congo or' (Los Angeles).

Although not definitively confirmed the presence of Gomez on African soil, is almost certain that by mid-April and collections have new news for those in need of Congo.

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Moisturizes lips even in winter

Hidrata los labios incluso en invierno

Lips is one of the most delicate parts of the face, so we have to pay close attention and above all get the care they deserve to keep them hydrated and healthy during all months, but more in winter.

The cold winter wind that usually accompany and heating to overcome them are nothing beneficial for the skin, let alone that of the lips, especially thin and delicate.

It is therefore very important to hydrate and protect them from inclement weather, either from the outside with the right products, and from within health care.

Therefore, the lip care is something that should be present all year, but in winter the skin deserves special care to avoid the effects of bad weather. And not just enough to hydrate from time to time, we must ensure also exfoliates and protect them from radiation.

The first step to having lips care is simple, but it is a common mistake which falls continually pass the tongue surface. The automatic response when the notice is dry moisten with saliva, but that only makes drying it out more.

At this time is the time to apply a lip balm that moisturizes. It is also important that the product contains SPF to avoid further damaging effects of radiation. Should apply the balm before bedtime to avoid waking up with chapped lips.

But when evil is done and the raised skin, avoid nibbling the fur and, instead, exfoliate surface with a soft toothbrush that will not irritate or worsen the condition of the lips.

Once it has complied with outpatient care, do not forget hydrate from the inside by drinking lots of water. It is recommended to drink two liters a day, to help keep our skin smooth and juicy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson live in Notting Hill

After many twists and turns, finally Kristen Stewart decided to live with her ​​boyfriend Robert Pattinson in a mansion in Notting Hill. In order to give new impetus to their romance, the two artists decided to share the same roof after three years of relationship.

They had planned a sabbatical away from the big screen and the stalking of the press, however, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are converted back into the spotlight after confirming the decision to live together in a mansion in Notting Hill.

Heroes 'Twilight' have decided to take the next step and purchase a home in London, in order to strengthen the nest of love between them. The British actor has preferred to evade the press and paparazzi, but it is known that the idea of living together would have arisen from December last year, when Kristen Stewart rented a vacation home.

It seems that it would be a luxury apartment in Notting Hill, London's famous city that enjoys a quiet lifestyle away from the press. However, despite the willingness of the couple, who seems more concerned about the privacy issue is Robert Pattinson, who has not been shy in expressing his doubts about the level of assurance and security that have a time they move for London.

The main reason arises over fans and paparazzi that usually accumulate in the door of both actors.

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Taylor Lautner premieres in London wax image

The famous actor of the series 'Twilight' is added to the list of celebrities and stars that have been immortalized in a wax statue. Lautner Aylor T becomes the new sensation of the moment, sharing the stage with Robert Pattinson, fellow cast that also features a wax figure.

No doubt that Taylor Lautner is hot, and now the British have a reason to go crazy and have close to one of the most popular media in recent times. The wax image of Taylor Lautner is now on display for anyone interested in a tour of the museum Madame Tussauds vera, known for having a range of artists and public figures of world renown.

But Lautner replication is not the only one to see in Madame Tussauds near him is the figure of his co-star Robert Pattinson, who also has a picture bathed in wax. Both actors have caused great shock to the point of capture the attention of hundreds of fans who congregate outside the museum to get a picture with actors from the series Twilight.

Although the image of Robert Pattinson has remained longer on display, Taylor Lautner is not far behind and following its debut in the halls of Madame Tussauds, the actor hopes to repeat the course and overcome the success achieved by his companion.

The third member of the trio protagonist of the saga 'Twilight' is grateful for the award received from the replica in wax, which consists of almond eyes, a leather jacket, shirt and black pants.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Justin Bieber for antagonistic character

The teen idol Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg will join their talents to participate in a film about the world of basketball. However, beyond its big screen debut, the singer of "Baby" has indicated he would like to epitomize the antagonistic role of his next film.

Not satisfied with the worldwide success has meant its foray into the music scene, Justin Bieber has shown interest in prolonging his career to participate in the upcoming movie that has been working with Mark Wahlberg. Although it is unknown who will play the character, Bieber took the opportunity to recognize that likes to act the role of "bad".

It seems that Canadian Idol would be a big fan of horror films, with special interest in the film starring Reese Witherspoon and Wahlberg in 1996. The kind of fear would have called the attention of Bieber, who after his experience in some episodes of CSI, be prepared to give life to the character of the upcoming film antagonistic.

As recalled, Justin Bieber made ​​a successful campaign in Canada following a publication in your Twitter account. The current pair of Selena Gomez requested humanitarian aid encouraged fans to record their data and be organ donors.

In a few minutes, thousands of people were encouraged to donate their organs and increase the overall rate in Canada. The organization in charge 'The Trillium Gif of Life Network' initiative singer congratulated and thanked the public for their cooperation.

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Miley Cyrus celebrates birthday with her boyfriend

With this rare, the singer and actress Miley Cyrus surprised more than one with the singular mind that her boyfriend gave her. This is nothing more than an erotic cake shaped like a penis.

The recent birthday Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus's boyfriend, stunned more than one, after the controversial Disney star was presented with a cake erotic. Away from his musical repertoire, Miley Cyrus returns in excess and seems to manage to make headlines every day.

With the cake in hand, the young artist did not hesitate to make some jokes with the cake, including dances and grimaces that were captured by the lens of a camera. While attendees were impressed with the last occurrence of Miley Cyrus, who posed next to the penis-shaped cake with some friends.

It is also said that the former Hanna Montana have consumed alcohol and dancing so crazy. As an extra gift for birthdays, Miley Cyrus gave a puppy to her baffled boyfriend.

As recalled, the couple has been seen in the last few days enjoying a warm vacation in Hawaii. Hemsworth Liam, now 22, has given statements to the press about the events in her birthday party held at Club Icon Los Angeles, where the minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 years. If so, Miley Cyrus had committed a serious crime that could cost new problems.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Put your defenses against the colds point

Pon tus defensas a punto frente a los refriados

In winter more than any other season is the time to further strengthen the body, as the risk of disease is very high but if we have a good immune system will stand up to the particular cold virus.

Start the day with juice freshly squeezed natural orange is all a gift to the defenses. Citrus fruits are the foods richest in vitamin C that exist. Of the three recommended servings of fruit a day, try one of them being a citrus fruit, orange, tangerine or kiwi.

People who sleep at least eight hours a day have a better immune system. Enjoy a restful sleep and managing stress will prevent our bodies wear out unnecessarily.

Regular exercise increases the activity of white blood cells that fight viruses and bacteria. To achieve this, it is important to practice regularly and preferably early in the morning.

Nothing to medicate ourselves. Taking antibiotics at the first signs of flu and colds, for example, not only is useful because these doctors do not fight infections caused by viruses, but also can create bacterial resistance.

Smoke is harmful in all aspects of health, but smoking also lowers defenses and irritates the airways. If you are a smoker, reduces the number of cigarettes they smoke per day or, better yet, try to quit smoking permanently.

Of course you have to avoid contagion, most respiratory infections are transmitted through droplets of secretions from infected people who remain in the air or on objects of everyday use. To prevent the spread must be extremely careful.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why not rule me down?

¿Por qué no me baja la regla? Doing too much exercise, not eating well and taking certain medications can cause not present period.

It takes more than seven days waiting for your period comes, you have checked your calendar a thousand times, you may feel some cramping and PMS symptoms ... but the day (sometimes so hated) simply does not arrive. The absence of menstruation can have various causes not always associated with being pregnant.

The most common reasons

Bear in mind that the most frequent reason for you not go down is that you are pregnant. If you had sex recently (even if you protected), the first thing you do is take a home test or go to a lab to completely rule out this possibility.

If you have absolutely no reason to believe that you're pregnant, then you should pay close attention to other symptoms you are experiencing for the cause of your delay. If the first cycle in the low you do not, the reasons may include loss or excessive weight gain, poor diet, unusual physical activity, stress, birth control pills, use of drugs that inhibit dopamine or use illegal drugs.

To say you have amenorrhea three cycles must have passed without you have downloaded. The most common causes of amenorrhea include problems with the ovaries, the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and uterus, according to Dr. Corrine Welt, of Harvard Medical School.

What to do?

An average cycle (menstrual cycle begins with the first day on the floor and you end a day before you go back down) takes 28 to 35 days, but every woman is different. Keep track of the length of your cycles to determine what is normal for you, and if you notice an abnormality such as a late first thing you have to do is consult your doctor.

If you have already ruled that you are not pregnant your gynecologist may advise you to wait and try to relax. Your body is super sensitive to stress and may not realizing you're stress levels you are enduring. Breathe deeply and concentrate on your uterus is working perfectly.

On the other hand, must pay close attention to the signals your body gives you, pay extra attention to your diet, evaluate whether you have been doing too much exercise, if you've been very happy or very sad lately or if you are taking medications with side effects can affect your cycle (I had an experience with a medication for gastritis).

Monday, January 23, 2012

It boasts a ten hair

Presume de una melena diez Having healthy hair, soft and dandruff is shorter than you think. Takes note of the shortcuts and a mane boasts ten with just a few routines.

If your hair is dry and damaged. Put in place a plan of attack to restore lost moisture and softness. With just a few minutes reserved for your hair will thank you.

Wash your hair with warm water. If you end up with cold water, much better the outcome, and to reactivate blood circulation and your hair will grow stronger. While applying the shampoo, not too much friction, it stimulates the sebaceous glands and can cause the appearance of fat.

Rinse thoroughly to make sure you remove all traces of soap. Do not forget the conditioner, apply it to the half ends and rinse well. Once you come out of the shower, use the towel just to remove the excess water.

Add a few extras to your hair to enhance its vitality. Find a mask that fits the needs of your hair and use it at least once a week. Distribute it throughout the hair, strengthens its benefits wrapping the hair in a warm towel, leave work for a few minutes and rinse. It will look spectacular.

Cut your hair safely be used a few simple beauty tips that will allow you to keep your hair free from aggressions.

Wet hair is much more vulnerable, so at the time of tangles always use a wide-toothed comb to avoid tearing. Pass through the scalp gently, without pressing too hard.

If you are undergoing any strong heat, hair dryer, curling iron, plates, protect it before with a specific thermal spray. And if your hair is usually a ponytail, ever changing look to lower the tension in the scalp.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kristen Stewart loses role in White

It seems that Kristen Stewart did not end up being the main image of the film Snow White, soon to be released this 2012. Charlize Theron, who plays with excellence to the evil queen of the magical fairy tale, the young actress displace its leading role .

Although not yet released the tape of Snow White (Snow White), rumors are the order of the day revolve around who will take the leading role in a few months Kristen Stewart, the young actress who was enshrined in the Twilight saga , and looking out of the typecasting with this new character. However, against all odds, the opinions have not ruled out the possibility that the true leading role belongs to Charlize Theron, the actress who will play the wicked queen in Snow White.

The situation is complicated further by revealing a new poster photo in which you can see Charlize Theron, who for many end up capturing all the attention that Kristen Stewart will not convince.

But beyond speculation, just check out the official trailer to realize that Charlize Theron has more lines in the parliament, also not the first time the antagonistic character gets to steal the show from a movie.

In the above arguments add up all the list of critics who do not feel satisfied with the performance of Kristen Stewart actor, who shall subdue efforts for upcoming film projects that are to come. The classic story of Snow White come to the big screen in March 2012.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purchases of the week (20 to 26 January): Zara, Mango, H & M and Stradivarius

Purchases of the week (20 to 26 January): Zara, Mango, H & M and Stradivarius Yesterday I was walking around the shops and the sales continue to dominate the shelves and racks. Have they sold less than other years? Where did it come out all those clothes? And the funny thing is that po

Modern fairy tales

Modern fairy tales
Mercedes Guardado was 23 when he met in his home to a tourist Cáceres very particular. Wolf Vostell, a famous German artist who set up a museum of the most original in Spain in the small town of miscarriage

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2012 in the Men's Fashion Week in Paris

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2012 in the Men's Fashion Week in Paris The first weeks of the year are a non-stop in the world of fashion. While the new spring and summer campaigns start coming to light, the major international fashion dress up to present the collections and trends

Makeover salon with full session in Bilbao from 19 €

Makeover salon with full session in Bilbao from 19 € New Year ... New look! If you want to start 2012 with an extra dose of beauty, advocates a radical change. Or just retócate cut or hair color. Make the decision you make, the money will not be a problem, because Groupon Mujerhoy.com and offer a full session of hairdressers from 19 €.
Prince Harry is going to climb Everest

When Prince Harry likes the cold, or so it seems, because after spending a day at the North Pole last April, now is willing neither more nor less than to climb Everest.


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Carrillo Alba: "I'd like to marry, but I have asked"

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Lydia Bosch have to leave home

Lydia Bosch have to leave home Actress Lydia Bosch is going through one of the best moments of his life. On January 20 will have to leave the family home to