Sunday, April 29, 2012

Selena Gomez confirms new album in Spanish

The former Disney girl, Selena Gomez , confirmed the launch of a new production that will be recorded entirely in Spanish. Although not yet have many details, it appears that the production of this promising album come after the release of their fourth album.

Although there is no information yet on the fourth album Selena Gomez come prepared, the singer confirmed the launch of a new production conducted in Spanish. To the delight of his fans speaking, the current pair of Justin Bieber has revealed its intention to prepare an album in Spanish, however, for reasons of time, still would not launch an early date.

The former Disney girl stressed that only a matter of time before both albums hit the market, so publicly committed to offer its best to carry out the launch of both productions.

As you know, Selena Gomez is focused on his career as an actress, starring in several film projects that come to the big screen in the course of the year. In recent days, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber confessed to being humiliated and forced awkward kiss after she was forced to make during the game of basketball in the NBA.

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