Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kristen Stewart causes deep depression in Robert Pattinson

Infidelity of Kristen Stewart gives rise to much speculation about the outcome of this affair. After the news, Pattinson has expressed his dismay asking Kristen publicly manifest their reasons and their forgiveness for the offense.

Given this fact, Robert Pattinson, humiliated by infidelity, has left the house she shared with Stewart. So far his whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, the star of Twilight also leaves the house she shared left home, ironically located in Los Feliz.

It is known that in the coming months aimed Pattinson propose to Stewart, however the scandal actress starred with film director Rupert Sanders derailed those possibilities. Marriage, according to British media would be proposed by the end of September, even mentioned that Pattinson already preparing a new home in Los Angeles.

The furtive romance between Kristen and director Rupert Sanders would already six months, he told Leopold Ross, brother of Sanders. It all began while filming the movie Snow White and the hunter who starred Kristen and lasted until a few days ago when the affair became public. The photos of the actress kissing the director began showbiz scandal last week. It is known that the director is 41 years old, married and father of two children.

Despite admitting that it was just an adventure Stewart has caused trouble to her friend who asked Charlize Theron, at some time, be godmother to her son. Also after this event the actress is suffering the consequence of losing a lot of fans.

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