Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lady Gaga debuts in film

Lady Gaga continues to speak. Now venture into the big screen in the movie Machete Kills Latino filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The same director made ​​The announcement via his twitter account. Then the singer also announced the news to his legion of followers.

The publication described as amazing this new experience in film scoring his acting debut. He also said to be very excited about their participation and ended by mentioning that the shoot was all crazy. In this film plays the Chameleon, this according to the poster already circulating on the Internet. In this picture is very sexy Lady Gaga, smoking gun in hand and wrapped with a fox fur.

It is speculated that the film makes Lady Gaga duet with Cuba Gooding Jr. as this character is the chameleon. For now suffice to wait to know all the details of the character that Gaga will play. Also in this movie is also expected to attend the controversial Charlie Sheen, who plays the president of the Land of Machete.

The tape also participate Mel Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and Sofia Vergara. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is making waves on the Internet through the continued publication of photographs in which he appears topless.

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