Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The new video of Selena Gomez

The young star released the premiere of a video dedicated to his fans. Talk about the videos you've made and opine about their fans worldwide. VEVO is special to be held by the great reception given to Love You a Love Song which exceeded more than a million hits on YouTube.

The artist, who announced that the music will stop for a while to devote himself to cinema, has confirmed that it has a role in a new movie called Feed the dog. However, it also has been working on the video for his theme My Dilemma in which it appears with some intense red lips, leaving the expectation that the costumes used.

And not only video premieres, but also new look. By some photos posted on their Facebook account to their fans realized their new change using bangs. This look and had characterized the last few years and it shows you very much for claims that likes to change her look. He also mentioned that the change was due to a new film that would participate.

Selena is sporting his new look in a few days. Just this weekend was in Los Angeles where he was photographed with some fans, always accompanied by her boyfriend Justin Bieber .

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