Friday, August 31, 2012

The return of the Dukes of Palma to Barcelona, ​​home of Heart Today

The return of the Dukes of Palma to Barcelona, ​​home of Heart Today The Dukes of Palma: new stage in Barcelona
By Almudena Martinez-Fornes
The Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin return to the city where they married and resume their routine, with two exceptions: Pedralbes not live in and will be watching the case Urdangarin Nóos.

Silvia Gomez and Juan Antonio Pérez Cuétara Simon confirmed relationship
Their names may not sound, but much to tell them. She is the widow of one of the richest men in Spain and one of the most important art collectors in the world, along with partner Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world according to Forbes'. They met a year ago and are now a couple.

Eduardo Cruz, Eva Longoria clone
Penelope Cruz's brother has spent a few days in Ibiza accompanied by a young Spanish woman who has a curious resemblance to his ex-girlfriend.

And ...

Samantha Vallejo-Nagera: Mother no more than one!
Genio of 'catering' and now national television chef, Samantha Vallejo-Nagera receives us, exclusively, in Pedraza (Segovia). Mother of a large family, always finds time to escape to his favorite corner and prepare to own one of their best recipes, in this case a 'magret' duck with figs and oranges rich. "We love Pedraza. Soon we will open a space for weddings, so everyone can enjoy it. " Welcome to the wonderful world of color Samantha.

Sharon Stone: "I never thought it was beautiful, but now I feel great"
We spoke with the actress in which is probably one of the best moments of your life. Mother of three children, with partner and two newly released movies budding star gives us his particular vision of the world of cinema.

"Before I did not want to leave the house by my appearance and always arrived late panic. Now turn up in seconds and I think the best ".
"I do not think men of Hollywood. They are not my type at all. "
"I do not need surgery, but if your car needs a paint job, paint it."

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