Monday, October 29, 2012

Habits that mistreat your nails

The hands are a reflection of our age and the care we give our bodies in general. It is very well known that careless hands cause a bad impression on our appearance, the nails do not escape this reality and there are certain habits that prevent luzcamos healthy nails and beautiful. Now know what those saboteurs or bad habits beauty who abuse your nails.

Hábitos que maltratan tus uñas

Nails are not just a "fitting" hand over, are also part of our organism whose health we can tell at a glance if we lack nutrients, plus we should give regular care abroad.

Bad habits nail

Nail Biting

Generally, nail biting is a habit that denotes nerves. But besides leaving the appearance of the nails very bad off, makes them prone to infections spreading to the skin or mouth. Bacteria often esconderese under fingernails, and to bring them to the mouth, is also taking all bacteria.

To avoid this bad habit, try to always keep your nails painted with your favorite color, and much better if you choose a design, because even if you feel the urge to bite your nails, manicure fact spoil you away from it.

Remove the cuticles

Remove the cuticle itself is not harmful, but we must be careful to do it as clean as possible, again because bacteria and fungi can take over this delicate area and damage nails. Try cutting the cuticle and the skins of about a cortacutícula sterilized, and then Apply an antifungal cream.

Use strong limes

While using a nail that has a strong sandpaper us work when shaping, it is also true that it can cause the weak layers, ideally using a file that is half sand and file the nails in one direction.

Removal aggressive

When the nail polish starts to "peel" many turn to the option of finishing the job and began to pull the paint to remove. However, as this damages the nail can draw layers and weaken. In this case, when the paint starts to fall, it is better to take time and remove with polish remover.

Gel Manicures

Currently there are paintings requeiren gel nails in a special machine to settle. While this type of paint is great, and requires a UV lamp, if you do it on an ongoing basis so dry it the skin of your hands and nails, and overexposure leaves you at risk for skin problems.

What other beauty nail saboteurs know?

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