Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rihanna Chris Brown remains confident

It seems that Rihanna and Chris Brown are an inseparable pair. Despite the events and violence that caused their break, the Barbadian singer insists put their trust in the rapper.

Rihann has confessed to blindly trusting her former boyfriend Chris Brown. According to the website HollywoodLife.com notes, sources close to the singer say that their relationship is the best, to the point of ensuring that the recent scandal known rapper with a local model did not cause any rift between the two.

As you know, warm weather that has been rumored for a possible reconciliation between the two, who have overcome the disputes of the past and are very close to resuming the relationship.

After his recent meeting on Saturday, the attitude of both Rihanna and Chris Brown is very affectionate. The rapper has received the whole hearted support of the Barbados singer, who believes that the emergence of this new model alongside Chris is "no threat" to her.

The website HollywoodLife.com has also stated that Rihanna's friends testify to the love that exists between them, so that their reconciliation would be sooner than many imagine.

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