Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Selena Gomez talks about her fans

The former Disney girl had words of praise and gratitude for their unconditional fans, who have supported publicly through social networks each of their professional and artistic achievements. Thus Selena Gomez confessed that the reason for their labor delivery is inspired by the support of their fans.

Gomez reiterated his unconditional appreciated by his audience of followers who crammed massively social networks to express their admiration for the famous American actress. This time, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber confessed via Twitter that always kept abreast of the views of the millions of fans he has, collecting all the comments and giving it a special value.

The young singer and actress said that all that is being done, including the launch of her fragrance, clothing line, music, acting and television show is dedicated to his fans. The successful entrepreneur continues to promote a series of new projects that seek to maximize their talent and multifaceted.

As is known, Gomez recently was in the spotlight of American media, who returned to rumor about the true intentions behind his relationship with Canadian Idol Justin Bieber.

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