Thursday, November 15, 2012

Causes and Treatment of Dry Eye

Dry eye, as its name suggests, is an uncomfortable and unpleasant condition of the eyes in which the eyes are limited to tears. There is a special coating that have human eyes, known as the tear film, which is responsible for tear production. In dry eye syndrome, this film is unable to secrete the right job for the right amount of tears.

Dry eye symptoms include itching and burning sensation, eye pain, wrong view, flow of tears while watching television, tender eye muscles and discomfort with contact lenses.

Originating the Dry Eye

Dry eye is caused due to a number of factors related to age, place of residence, work and activities carried out by patients and many others. Some of the most important causes of dry eye include:

- Old age, there is less fat produced by the body
- The environment contaminated with excessive smoke particles
- The use of contact lenses
- A number of diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome and arthritis
- Stressful work, especially in the computer
- Dry heat absorbing air conditioners tears from the eye surface

Dry Eye Treatment - Options Available

In case you experience dry eye syndrome, you should consult an eye doctor to know about the various treatment options available for dry eye. First, it is necessary to diagnose the level of dry eye syndrome before starting treatment of dry eye. To do this, you can do any of the following tests:

1. Shimmer Test - In this test, pieces of paper are placed in the lower eyelid to examine the available amount of tears in her eyes.

2. Tear rupture test l - In this test, a solution is pores in the eye to understand the process of tear secretion.

The most common treatment options for dry eye include:

- Drink plenty of water
- Avoid sitting directly in front of the fan and air conditioning
- Avoid locations with extreme weather conditions
- Blinking eyes more often
- Wear sunglasses to avoid the heat and the air
- Avoid smoking
- Scrub the eyelids with warm water and a mild shampoo

Products that can provide assistance in the treatment of dry eye include:

- Punctal plugs - These are made of collagen or silicone and block the drainage system of the eye to the conservation of tears.
- Vitamin A drugs - As we know, vitamin A is necessary for eye, so most optometrists recommend Vitamin A as BioTears drugs for the treatment of dry eye.
- Generators artificial tears - There are a number of products on the market that help to produce drops artificial eyes. For example, autologous platelet rich eye drops of plasma are very effective in this regard.
- Restasis - This is the ophthalmic eyedrops help reduce swelling around the eyes channels carrying mucin and lipids.
- Other products - Are flaxseed oil, lubricating gels and antibiotics that are recommended by the optometrist.

Along with these prescriptions, the focus on healthy eating by eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals. You can see your eye doctor for advice on food to be consumed as part of the treatment of dry eye.

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