Friday, November 16, 2012

Find jeans that best suit you

The jeans are the wildcard in any wardrobe and there is no woman living without a good pair of them. Nevertheless, for most basic is this piece, you must learn to choose well the jeans, because depending on these could highlight his figure and remove the critical step of your figure.

Encuentra los jeans que mas se adaptan a ti

If you're like all mortals and has the belly that is not quite the way you want, then buy jeans with low waist, carving a little lower than the waist to conceal the bulge "tires". Be careful not to over tighten as it may cause the opposite effect.

The short stature can choose baggy jeans with high heels to add style to your figure. The jeans are the most widely used model "cigarettes" just super. The important thing is that when buying the models are where you feel better. After deciding the model that best accentuates your forms, it's time to mix with key pieces to put even more stress relief and stylish beauty.

The model of "cigar" looks good with boots and a jacket to give a formal and elegant impression. For a modern and less formal look, use the model with low shoes and low cut blouse with "V".

Something out of trouble with the gorditas are the kind of jeans at the hip, and that somehow flatten the abdominal area rolls hiding others. As for those who have thin waist and regional body should wear jeans to the waist, give you a sexy sensual, will make you look like a goddess on the go.

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