Saturday, November 10, 2012

Justin Bieber hopes to be a movie star

Canadian Idol Justin Bieber just decide on his new role as a film actor, confessing to be very excited about the role that first take in the great film.

Excited and with many deals to be made, Justin Bieber continues to push the start of his acting career to show the public his versatility as an artist. After highlighting considerably in music, Bieber has confessed that in recent weeks has received tentative offers to appear on the big screen with roles.

When asked about the possibility of acting on the parameters of a comedy role, the singer of "Bieber" admitted he is a "jokestar", so it might unfold naturally in the genres of comedy and action.

But without leaving your musical career, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez took the opportunity to clarify that no plans to retire from music, by contrast, is organizing his busy schedule to meet all your presentations and take time to break into the film industry .

As you know, a few days ago was released the first TV spot for 'Girlfriend', the popular youth star fragrance in the video playing drums.

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