Monday, November 5, 2012

Morning after pill: dangers of using too

With high doses of hormones, this method is intended for use as a last resort, not as a common method.

Pastilla del día despues: peligros de usarla demasiado

Every year emergency contraceptives are used, even more than birth control pills often. There are women who use the morning after pill as a regular method of contraception, rather than be your last option, as this drug is intended. What risks are running these women to do?

What happens if you use too

Heavy doses of hormones (estrogen and progestin in most cases) that the next day pills make your endometrium contain renewed preventing any fertilized egg remains in the uterus, and, in some cases also prevent ovulation.

Altering hormone levels is often dangerous for your body: your menstrual cycle changes and other important processes. This factor was of mistrust repeated and prolonged use of the morning after pill, but the World Health Organization (WHO) recently established that there is no scientific evidence that there are risks of infertility, or general health , if you use it frequently.

It is important to remember that this pill is only 95% effective when used 24 hours after unprotected sex, 85% when they spend between 25 and 48 hours, and only 58% when they spend between 49 and 72 hours. Also, do not use condom increases your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

When you do have to use it and its common symptoms

The morning after pill is designed for when your regular contraceptive method (condoms, birth control pills, vaginal ring, patch, IUD, etc..) Fails. Ideally only be used in these cases, large amounts of the hormones they contain.

It is common to have nausea, vomiting, pain in the breasts, in the head or in the stomach, feeling tired, dizzy and suffer an irregularity in your menstrual cycle.

Have you used the morning after pill? Why did you use?

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