Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Sudden changes in weight and hormonal swings are primarily responsible for the appearance of the annoying streaks. However, natural cosmetics provides an aid to prevention and treatment of these.

Remedios naturales para las estrías

A remedy very effective in preventing the formation of stretch marks and improve the appearance of existing ones is applied to the most troubled areas, a firming lotion that is made ​​by mixing one tablespoon of sunflower oil with the juice of half a lemon. Spread this mixture with a gentle massage every night, and soon you'll notice your skin firmer and more elastic.

Also a good way to turn your body moisturizer you use regularly in an effective anti stretch mark lotion is enriched dose product you employ with the contents of a pearl of wheat germ oil. This excellent repairing skin softens skin and gives elasticity, thus improving the state of the grooves.

> On the other hand, the clay vede removes all traces of stretch marks. While it takes a lot of perseverance and dedication, the recent appearance of stretch marks, the red color may fade to near total disappearance. Green clay, applied as a mask, will help you achieve this. It is best to dilute this type of clay, the most powerful healing in a ponytail infusion or gotu kola, clamping action.

Arnica attenuates the grooves for their ability to stimulate local blood risk and hence, the arrival of nutrients to the skin repairers. You can prepare a quality arnica oil, filling a glass container arnica petals and cover with olive oil. Cover, place the jar in a sunny spot for 4-6 weeks and after that time, filtered. Exiténdete this lotion, preferably after bathing, the skin moistened.

Furthermore it should be noted that the sun's rays deteriorate the supporting fibers of the skin, promoting flacided and stretch marks. So better prevent them.

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