Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rihanna celebrates Thanksgiving with Chris Brown

On Thanksgiving came and Rihanna had no better idea than to celebrate her boyfriend Chris Brown, who began a romantic trip to Berlin and take this lovely opportunity to rekindle their relationship.

The Barbadian singer is experiencing one of its best moments after the scandalous romantic break that occurred with rapper Chris Brown. Gone was the troubled past of the couple who has decided to give another chance and forget the hardships that caused their separation.

As evidence of this is the recent meeting that both had the day they celebrated Thanksgiving together in Berlin. In that sense, an effusive Rihanna was seen jumping on Brown's car, passing through the streets of the German capital on Thanksgiving night.

With 24 years and a successful career, Rihanna looking rekindle his relationship with American rapper and avoid making the same mistakes that led the dismal conflict situations involving domestic violence. That's why the Barbadian singer did not hesitate to attend the concerts of her boyfriend and join the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving after the show.

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