Thursday, November 29, 2012

Selena Gomez talks about Justin Bieber not

Selena Gomez has preferred to remain completely silent about her recent breakup with Justin Bieber . During his last appearance as the image of the brand Adidas Neo Label, the former Disney girl chose to skip those questions that led to the final separation of the couple.

Selena Gomez reappeared before the public and did so in complete silence, without commenting on the images Justin Bieber showed very accompanied by signature model Victoria's Secret, Barbara Palvin. He also declined to offer any statement about the sudden break that occurred with the Canadian star.

Totally focused on her career, Gomez became the image of the brand Adidas Neo Label, participating in a photo shoot where she showed all her charms. Before the lookout for the press, the singer and actress chose to keep a moderate distance with journalists who tried unsuccessfully to obtain a statement.

In that sense, Gomez posed for photographers for no longer than five minutes remaining silent and ignoring questions from reporters.

With this new campaign, Selena Gomez will become the global icon of Adidas Neo Label planned a millionaire contract until 2015.

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