Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 4 Levels of activity of the mind

Do you know that people only use a small percentage of your mind compared to his enormous potential? The mind has the ability to process instructions at a rate even faster than the fastest computer in the world, such is the incredible power of the mind.

Unfortunately, only a few people in the world know the underlying secrets to use this power of the mind. The benefits of understanding the power of the mind is huge, you should always be willing to put some time and effort on your part and so will positively change your life, improve your health, your attitude, change your way of thinking and become a better person in the whole of science and mind developed.

The inner workings of the mind, the mind has four different levels of activity:

- Beta - The level of full consciousness. Only 25% is used for our conscious thoughts, the rest is used to regulate our bodily functions like heart rate, digestion, respiration, etc..

- Alpha - Corresponds to the subconscious mind. This level is 95 to 100% efficiency in comparison with the level of concentration of Beta.

- Theta - This is a stage of the functions found in the unconscious mind into a light sleep.

- Delta - The mind is in complete rest at this level and the state of deep sleep.

As you can see the alpha state of the subconscious mind has a high concentration efficiency of our conscious mind and this is where the true power of the mind exists, if we can tap will bring enormous benefits to our lives.

You have heard stories, and even see real people doing incredible things that seems almost impossible. These people are people like us, but with extraordinary control over their minds, what they do is train the mind to achieve even the most intimidating things and situations. However, they also note that it is not easy as it requires time and effort on your part to achieve that level of mind control.

The proper "know how" to use the power of the mind is essential to your success in life. Imagine being in complete control of yourself, realize your true potential, influencing others in their favor and achieve what you want with this incredible power of the mind.

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