Thursday, November 8, 2012

The denim shorts are in the fashion arena

The denim shorts are a few years in the spotlight game to give the most fashionistas. And it seems to continue for another season! (Only illustrated with a photo of a look ss2010 collection of Balmain, if the Kings want to find some outlet for that jacket and bring it to me : D )

Why do I mention this today? Because this morning I saw in my closet my jean shorts and ... I think it's time to act out his story: It's been a couple of years when I realized that the jeans shorts were rising in the scale fashion, I rubbed my hands and I thought that would be my trend. I took Fornarina jeans was at home and before I could tell my hand that does not follow, the cut. So what happened? I put them on and I sat PENALTY.

Moral: NEVER a rush! First think, then think ... and if it is yes, then let stand the idea. Only after a reasonable time, cut!

That said, I show you a few looks with denim shorts in recent days Chicisimo , so you can see that if you have them and I feel good, still your season!:

Like denim shorts as much as me? How do you take? Have you cut jeans and ...?

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