Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Chicisimo has launched a new contest with Pepe Jeans , and the prize is worth. The winner will star in a new edition of shirts that will bring the brand (the blogger edition), the second and third will get € 300 in products Pepe Jeans and a great bag, respectively.

Pay close attention!:

Put yourself in a situation!

Pepe Jeans know, and have the brand name in our heads clear what their image and what the style of your collection. If I'm wrong, no one is blocked, here's a pistilla:

We are also clear the style and focus of their campaigns. Where their models embody perfectly the attitude Pepe Jeans:

Centering the subject, let's what concerns us, it's the competition.

Pepe Jeans has decided to look for a model to be immortalized, along with your blog if you have one in your special edition shirts SS2013 blogger. And they have decided to be in where we choose to Chicisimo lucky. Of course she will not only award. There will be a participant get € 300 in Pepe jeans and other products to earn a great signature bag.

What is the dynamic? Between January 16 and February 4, you must upload as many looks as you want on the page of the game , leading some Pepe Jeans and caring attitude that your photo is as Pepe Jeans possible. That's it! Of course, I would encourage all of you to consider it appropriate to vote your look, so getting our jury can look more into it (as a strategy, say)

And now who question ... but what is exactly the attitude Pepe Jeans? This will not be an official response! In my version, I'd say we're talking about a youthful attitude with a touch rebellious. I would say it is about the attitude of Sissy à la Mode , Henar Vicente , czechchicks , views and Fashionhippieloves in these looks I got from Chicisimo :

So ... do you dare to participate ?

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