Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shot of clam chowder

Shot of clam chowder
50 g onion, leek 100 g, 100 g of carrots, 50 g of celery, 200 g tomatoes, 50 g of rice, 1/2 dl of cream, 1 dl of white wine, 1 liter of water, Fumet prepared fish, 300 g of shellfish shells, ½ dl of extra virgin olive oil variety cornicabra, 1/2 dl of cognac, 1 bay leaf, salt and cayenne
Sauté diced vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, add the white wine, let reduce and add the tomato. Cook five minutes.
Add the fish stock, bay leaf and, when boiled, rice. Cook half hour. Saute the shells in very hot olive oil, brandy and triturálos flambeándolos with a blender. Add the vegetables and keep the fire 30 minutes.
Shreds and pass by the Chinese. Cooked, add salt to taste and incorporates the cream. Why this oil? Use the variety cornicabra it presents considerable intensities of fruity and balanced notes of bitter and spicy. It provides a particularly interesting contrast of flavors.

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