Monday, December 10, 2012

The beauty tips of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Although not one of Hollywood's most sought after and famous bipolar disorder has been given much to talk about, the beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones not only not lost, but make it the center of attention at any event.

Los trucos de belleza de Catherine Zeta-Jones

And the actress, who is 43 years old and the mother of two children, is getting prettier and can boast truly spectacular physique. Is it all coincidence or genetics? Obviously not, since the actress looks gorgeous every day to show off that wonderful body. Want to know what are your beauty tips? Grab a pen and paper and notes!

Perfect Smile

Besides having perfectly aligned teeth, the wife of Michael Douglas whiten your smile spreading across his teeth crushed strawberries, a natural ingredient that enables you to wear pearls film.

A body 10

Its dramatic curves and firmness of your skin are due to the actress playing sports during the seven days a week and spends 45 minutes a day to get in shape by doing various exercises to tone your body and give you that enviable appearance.

Always makeup

Although her ​​features are extremely beautiful with or without makeup, Catherine Zeta-Jones says she never goes out without makeup before your face to be always great and radiant.

A good diet

Despite claims that eats everything, to have that exceptional physical avoids the beautiful actress include saturated fat in your diet and eat more healthy food than.

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