Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amor Amor by Cacharel Perfume

There are people that they can recognize a specific gait for a special timbre or because they have a specific character that leaves a mark, and others that we know that have been present for its unmistakable aroma, people loyal to certain perfumes each day put on your skin that makes them different sign, so for today we speak of the perfume Amor Amor by Cacharel.

Amor Amor by Cacharel Perfume

So, tell you that there are many women who feel somehow addicted to your scent forever or they love all kinds of fragrances and have no fault to use a different one each day, depending on your mood or situation where you are, choosing fresh scents for a moment between friends or a sensual fragrance if quedais solo.

Also, note that the perfume Amor Amor has notes of Blood Orange, currant, pink grapefruit and tangerine, hence its reddish color and the unmistakable aroma of citrus, with sparkling traces and other more sensual notes that are given by the Jasmine, Melati flower, vanilla, musk, ambergris, tonka bean and moss, making this scent the best choice in winter as in summer.

On the other hand, mention the perfume Amor Amor by Cacharel comes in a round bottle with a silver cap and the best dispenser may cast the right amount and necessary in those specific areas, such as neck or wrists. Obviously the color is reddish and perfume in a little while permeate everything it touches.

Also, you must know that this perfume you will find passionate Cacharel perfume in all or in large establishments in the beauty section for women, in two different sizes, both 30 milliliters and 100 milliliters, for 25 euros or 50 euros respectively.

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