Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breakfast with cereals

Breakfast with cereals
320 g of muesli, 80g rolled oats, 4 cups of skim milk, 4 tablespoons rosemary honey, 8 black plums, figs 8, 8 dates, two golden apples, 2 bananas.
Check in each bowl of breakfast two black plums pitted and cut into chunks, two dates without the bone and cut into strips, dried figs and two games in a bit thick sheets.
Peel apples, descorazónalas and open them in half. Add half block in each bowl cut into very small dice or shredded into strands thick.
Peel the bananas, slice and distribute them in the bowls. Then add the muesli and oatmeal. Besides, heat the milk without allowing it to boil and repártela in bowls.
Finally, it includes a tablespoon of honey and serve.
In this preparation you can add eight slices of multigrain baguette bread toasted and cut into squares. Serve in bowls and finally, add the hot milk to go slowly undoing.
A freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of tea with bergamot complete the perfect breakfast.

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