Thursday, January 17, 2013

Discover the latest trends in makeup

Know the cowboys wear this winter is not enough to go to the latest fashion, but there are other aspects that need to know if you just want to stay on top of all the trends.

Discover the latest trends in makeup

And, within this group, is the makeup, an element that must be present in any look and you can provide from a fresh, youthful appearance to the face of the most sophisticated and glamorous. But, first of all, find out what makeup trends for this year.

Nothing shines

The foundations have come in shades mates stomping and imposed on cessation complexion glows with a soft and silky worthy of genuine porcelain doll.

Smoky eyes

Apparently the smokey eyes look yet timeless, as this season is going to remain a hit with women who want to wear a very sexy feline look during nights out.

Endless tabs

The long, thick eyelashes are wonderful and, once again, back to being the hit of the season. To get them, you can choose to apply several coats of mascara on them or decantarte false eyelashes, which will also cause furore over the 2013.

Nails "Teddy"

This technique is already a success in the United States and soon spread worldwide. These makeup nail enamel with a traditional, immediately afterwards, apply them velvet powder. You get an effect very original!

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