Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus poses for Cosmopolitan magazine

For the umpteenth time, the former Disney girl strikes again with the cover photo that has just overtaken the Cosmopolitan magazine in its latest issue, where you can see the sexy side of Miley Cyrus .

Miley Cyrus poses for Cosmopolitan magazine

Gone was his participation in the famous Disney series "Hannah Montana." Now Miley Cyrus has become a woman who awakens sensuality and glamor, causing the interest of the paparazzi who pursue her everywhere. To this we add the ingredient that generates expectant commitment to actor Chris Hemsworth.

Thus, the singer and actress of 20 years just to call attention to its recent public reappearance on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, which shows a colorful small cut with a unique touch of sensuality.

In the images we see Miley Cyrus wearing a white blazer, the same remains ajar to show the area of the breasts. What's more, it also draws attention to the judicious choice of gold jewelry that you have chosen to highlight her figure.

The launch of this edition is scheduled for March, when Cosmopolitan magazine finally reveals all images from the photo shoot.

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