Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cockles with Campari, olives and potato chips

Cockles with Campari, olives and potato chips
1 can cockles natural, 150 g of Campari, 1 sheet of gelatin, potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon zest, olives stuffed with anchovies, chervil leaves.
Hydrate the gelatin sheet in cold water, drain and fúndela in the microwave. Mixture with Campari and pour in a bowl to solidify. Reserve and put in the fridge. Drain the cockles of your juice and reserve. Wash the potatoes, dry them well and, unpeeled, cut into slices. Fry in oil, drain, season and reserve. Cut olives in half and place them on each cockle. Place on gelatin, and in the center, the potatoes. Serve with lemon zest and chervil on top.

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