Saturday, February 16, 2013

Graffiti stuffed mushrooms

Graffiti stuffed mushrooms
4 breasts painted purple 1 head garlic, 20 g of chestnuts, 1 dl of port wine, 2 dl meat juice, 1 dl olive oil, foie 40 g, 10 g of truffle, salt, pepper .
Softens breasts painted with a espalmadera and a piece of plastic film, and salpiméntalas.
Place in the center of each breast several mushrooms, sauteed and spiced previously, and 10 g of foie. Roll breasts painted on themselves and give a cylinder. Cook them to steam for 10 minutes. Then cool them with some ice. Remove the film and by the party dóralas have fur. Reserve.
Wash the garlic cloves in cold water to remove the bitterness and confítalos soft in olive oil for 10 minutes. Separately, cook the chestnuts in a pan of water for 15 minutes. Remove the water and saute until golden. Finally, glaséalas with a little gravy.
Besides, port wine reduces to caramelizarlo, add the beef and cook until a thick texture. Finally, add the chopped truffle.
Place each breast on a plate painted escalopada adds purple garlic confit, chestnuts and covers everything thoroughly cooked with caramelized port sauce.

Kitchenware: Zara Home. Restaurante Pedro Larumbe.

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