Sunday, February 17, 2013

I can love two people

Dr. I will start counting my situation from the beginning, I had a couple of three years with which coexisted, there were no problems, and we had a very good, when we moved to town, we took an apartment with a friend and my friend her boyfriend and was very well spent four went out, he began to change, he told me that he was depressed and did not want to be with anyone, seeing this I decided to leave home and they all went to that apartment, my friend ended up with her boyfriend and left the city, as the city I did not know my friend's boyfriend helped me find a temporary site in order was a gentleman, but then we were only friends were saying because he started conquer and be very special to me. My ex-partner was very upset and told me it was a mistake to have behaved well and to forgive him, but I was dating the ex of my friend, he is very special, and I love my consent, so much so that we decided to get married 2 months of being together. Everything was fine until we started having problems jealous of him, and I decided to leave town and think things through at 3 months of my marriage, but my ex-partner even knowing that I was married I kept insisting, I commented I went to another city because I wanted to think things through and when I left the city he got there. We went out and we are in romance, but when I'm with my husband, I remember a lot of my former partner and now I'm going with my former partner miss my husband and he calls me and tells me he loves me and can not live without me we attend therapy and my former partner with whom I am currently carries wonderful things made by me that no one has done, in order both are super special and you do not know, as I feel that I love them both with all my heart. porfa help me.

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