Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is it true that opposites attract?

You probably know more than a couple whose members are totally different and, as the girl spends the day worried and scurrying from side to side, the guy is one of the quietest people in the world. How can they get along? Well, simply because opposites attract, causing more different people are often the best to take, and not only in the field of romantic relationships, but also in that of friendship.

Is it true that opposites attract?

And is that humans need to have with us a person that complements our shortcomings, that is, if we are impulsive, it is desirable to have an advocate logic and reasoning and to prevent us from committing certain acts pertaining to the people who are driven by the heart rather than the brain.

In fact, that opposites attract is something more logical, since, did could two people who love to organize all events and take command of any situation live in harmony? Most likely not, since both would fight to dominate the situation and most likely end up pretty bad thing.

However, this does not mean that there are no couples who, despite their similarities, they want to distraction, although these should, in most cases, to balance and to budge on certain occasions to take the relationship on the right track. And it is that love can with everything!

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