Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kristen Stewart sends love letter to Robert Pattinson

The star of the Twilight wrote a heartfelt love letter to your partner Robert Pattinson on his stay in Australia.

Kristen Stewart sends love letter to Robert Pattinson

It seems that the relationship of this pair of lovebirds would be smooth sailing, and as evidenced by the recent letter we love Kristen Stewart wrote to his loved following his stay in Australia to record Pattinson's new film: The Rover.

Interestingly, it was Robert who asked Kristen to not visit during his trip to Australia, with the intention of strengthening the relationship with distance and learn to trust each other.

According to the site Showbizpy, the protagonist of White wrote a long letter explaining the reasons Pattinson was the love of his life, and other emotive phrases referring to the distance keeping coming.

Sources close Kristen Stewart would say having a tough time due to the distance that Robert Pattinson decided to establish. To this we add the time difference reaching 18 hours from Adelaide (Australia) and Los Angeles (USA), a motif that would disable communication between the two. Will this pair of lovers to strengthen their relationship?

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