Monday, February 25, 2013

Kristen Stewart will star in a new comedy

In an effort to get out of the prison that represented the Twilight saga, the famous actress Kristen Stewart will become the star of a sexy comedy in which reappear with blonde hair.

Kristen Stewart will star in a new comedy

Kristen Stewart recently surprised us with a new look which way with her ​​blonde hair, and now we know the reason for her new look. This is the next film will star where shared scene with actress Elizabeth Banks.

'Big Shore' is the new film that revolves around a shoe designer who is mad at the presence of Stewart's character, who becomes the muse of his most amazing creations.

Thus are woven very particular situations which are marked by the unique spark of Kristen Stewart and all her sensuality. Currently there is no release date for the film, however, it is estimated that the start of filming takes place in June.

Assume the new role that Stewart will be a good opportunity to escape her role as Bella in the Twilight series, a role that will hardly be forgotten by his thousands of fans. It's worth trying.

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