Monday, February 18, 2013

Rihanna with Chris Brown appears in court

After confirming her relationship with rapper Chris Brown, the Barbadian singer has no objection to publicly reappear in the company of his beloved. However, what is astonishing is to see them together in the court of L os Angeles, where Brown went to a new audience.

Rihanna with Chris Brown appears in court

The situation between Chris Brown and Rihanna is very true. Sometime well after an unfortunate incident kept domestic violence, are now reconciled and to visit the court together.

It has been four years since the rapper Rihanna denounced by physical abuse, which meant a sentence of community services that were not met by Brown. As a result, the court in Los Angeles issued a call to schedule a next hearing in the next two months.

One detail that passes unnoticed is the attitude of Rihanna, who blew a kiss to Chris before him to enter the superior courtroom, where he made ​​an appointment with Judge James Brandlin, who established a new hearing scheduled for 5 April.

Although thousands of people, supporters and the media artists have shown their disapproval of this decision, Rihanna is shown disinterested criticism of your partner.

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