Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tips for a more lasting hair removal

The fight against unwanted hair is typical in any woman, like the feeling of hate to see the hairs are already reappearing on your skin just a few days of being without hair.

Tips for a more lasting hair removal

How slow hair growth? With these tips for longer-lasting hair removal sure we get it.

The first thing is to use a pumice stone, which very gently rub on the waxed area on which we want to delay hair growth.

Do not apply too much pressure as you could cause injury, but if you do it carefully the results are very good.

Also, after shave also recommends applying a mixture of lemon and honey. Sure are two ingredients that you have at home and they have beneficial properties for the skin. Apply some gentle massage and this will prevent the hair grow faster, as well as to embody.

Doctors say that fresh milk is another good solution, so after lemon and honey, milk humectaremos applying area.

Finally, another tip to keep in mind to slow the hair is creamiento consume soy because it contains high levels of phytoestrogens that generate the desired result.

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