Thursday, February 28, 2013

Use the eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes

The eyeliner is one of the makeup products that we use, this is perfect to highlight and beautify our eyes , but to do so we must know how to use. After choosing the type of eyeliner that suits us we must consider the shape of our eyes, so you know how to use eyeliner properly, ie how to draw our eyes.

Use the eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes

Here eyeliner teach according to their shape, you just have to detect the shape of your eyes and follow the instructions:

Small eyes: You outline the upper eyelid with a line that is very close to the lashes, starting from the tear and protruding from the corner of the eye. You should never draw the lower lid and the eye will be much smaller.

Big eyes: Use a thick eyeliner tip or make a more or less wide on the upper eyelid, without sobresalirte of its natural form. In this case you should also delineate the lower eyelid, as the two eyelids outlined will make the eye look smaller. Then with shadow or pencil draws a "V" horizontal in the corner of the eye and difuminas well.

Round eyes: Line the upper lid protruding shape outlines and then half of the lower eyelid.

Almond eyes: Builds and delinéalo as you like, as this form of eyes all outlined their favor.

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